Delta Thistle Curling Club - Practice Ice

Delta Thistle Practice Ice Policy

Member Use
Members are free to use practice ice as available and posted on our club calendar (or lower down on this page).
Please check the draw board (or calendar) to see if any sheets have been reserved.

If all sheets are in use, please share with any members who are waiting or looking to practice.

If you're looking to practice and all sheets are full, it's recommended to ask the sheet with the least people if you can join them.

Non-Member Use
All Non-Members MUST sign a waiver prior to going on the ice at Delta Thistle and must be a guest of a club member.
Waivers will be available in the main lobby and can be slid under the office door should the club manager be unavailable.

Practice ice is $10 for non-members (as a guest of a member).
Or a sheet can be rented for 2 hours for $95 (Evenings & Weekends) or $75 (Weekday Daytime or After 9pm).

Practice Sheet Reservation
A Practice Sheet (during posted practice ice) can be reserved by a club member for a fee of $10.
As a general rule only 50% of available practice sheets will be available for reservation (exceptions may be made).
When a sheet is reserved, there is zero requirement to share the sheet, regardless how busy the practice may be.

To reserve please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 4hrs prior to the posted practice time.

Klutch Curling (Sheet 1)
Starting in the 2018/2019 season Delta Thistle will have Klutch Curling Available.
Use of the Klutch Curling system will be $100/2hr session or free for members.

Please note - Players/Teams will be responsible for having a device that can run the app and for purchasing the app.
More information regarding Klutch Curling is Available HERE.

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