Changes to Game Play

    Here are the key changes when on the Ice Curling at the club this season:

    1. Masks are required at all times except when seated at your team's table in the lounge
    2. There will be no commmon/rental equipment available, such as:
      • Sliders, Stablizers, Sticks, Brooms, Grippers
      • Please purchase from the Proshop
    3. No hand shakes to start the game
    4. There will not be coins available to decide who chooses colour/hammer, please either:
      • Do "Odds or Evens" with a stop watch
      • Play Rock, Paper, Scissors
      • Use a "Coin Flip" App
    5. Teams must sanitze their rocks at the start and end of their game
      • If reassigning rocks between players resantize rocks
    6. One player from each team will clear rocks/measure
      • Use shoes or brooms on the sides of the rocks
      • Do NOT touch the handles
    7. There will be only 1 sweeper during a shot (from the throwing team only)
      • Skips/Thirds cannot sweep in the house
    8. Waiting players will need to stand either [Diagram]
      • In the "On Deck" area on the back boards (1 person only)
      • On or behind the hack (non-throwing team skip)
      • On a designated marker between hoglines
    9. When walking/waiting stay only on the side with the waiting markers/blue line [Diagram]
    10. Please clean scorecards before and after your game
    11. Draws will be 2 Hours 10min
    12. Bell at 1 Hour 50min, finish current end
    13. Ice must be cleared 2 Hours 10min after draw time (regardless of any remaining rocks)
    14. Teams can play in a 4 person game with only 2 players
      • They must alternate throwing 2 rocks each, no 4 rocks in a row

    You can view our full return to curl plan [Here]

    *All items of our COVID safety plan and procedures are subject to change at any time.

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    Established in 1972, the Delta Thistle Curling Club has six sheets with some the best curling ice in the Lower Mainland.
    The club is home to Men’s, Ladies’, Mixed, Open and Novice adult leagues six nights a week, is host to a number of daytime senior leagues, and has a growing Saturday morning junior curling program.

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