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Club Update - Dec 3rd

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Dec 20th @ 11:13pm 
Season Greetings Curlers,

Delta Thistle Curling Club is closing for the holiday season starting today (December 20th); we will remain closed until January 3rd. Email and Voicemail responses during this time will be slower than usual. 
  • Teen Curling is back starting January 7th.
  • Junior Curling is back starting January 9th.
  • Adult Practice ice will be available starting January 7th (1-2 people/sheet).
  • We are hoping Adult curling will be back January 17th or January 24th. We will keep you posted as we hear more. 
We will have more information from the Provincial Health Authority in the new year, which we hope will have some good news about re-opening our club and programs. We will send you an update on January 9th (or as soon as we get any new information). 

Refunds have been calculated and are available to be requested. I'd like to thank the many members who have graciously offered to donate their refunds. You can request a refund here.

Our next Fireside Chat features international-level competition coach Bill Tschirhart. He'll be speaking about and taking your questions on team dynamics. It is taking place Monday December 28th at 6:30pm. There are a few spots still available.Register here.

Our Virtual Mad Hatter Bonspiel will be from December 31st to January 3rd! You can see more information and register here. Entry is by donation (min. $10) and prizes are provided by Okanagan Spring.

Wishing everyone a very safe and restful holiday season! 

Stay safe and stay healthy.
Brian Cole
DTCC President
Dec 3rd @ 9:03pm 
Good evening Delta Thistle Members,
The Safety Committee met this evening and has reviewed the updated information provided by the Provincial Health Order, Curl BC and ViaSport. The new Provincial Health Order is clear that all adult team sports must pause for the time being. That includes curling. Delta Thistle Curling Club will therefore be closed for all adult programming. This includes league play, our wheelchair program, Special-O, and all forms of adult skill development such as practice and clinics.
There will be no adult curling at Delta Thistle Curling Club until further notice.
All of our youth programming will continue. This includes our Saturday Juniors program and our Thursday Teen Curling. Youth skills programming is explicitly permitted under the new health order.
A reminder to everyone who enters our facility: All Return To Curl Safety Plan measures are still in place and you must abide by them at all times. This includes wearing masks, and maintaining an increased-physical distance of 3 metres between others.
We will begin the process of calculating and issuing refunds and/or credits for the Fall season as per our refund policy. Please be patient with us. We have a lot of members and we want to be accurate more than we want to be fast. Check your emails and the website for updates in the coming days and weeks.
I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all the members of Delta Thistle for so diligently following the safety protocols we have in place, and for being so attentive and flexible as we've updated our policies. Your willingness to follow these procedures has protected our club and community, and has allowed us to remain open for as long as we have.
The newest Provincial Health Order does not have a timeline. As a club, we are closed to all adult curling until further notice, but we will send you updates as the Provincial Health Authority issues new orders and the situation evolves. While we may not be able to curl together for the near future, we are still a community. We are still connected through our club and our love of curling. I encourage everyone to reach out to the club through email, our website, and social media to keep that connection. We remain hopeful that we will be able to re-open soon in some capacity. Be it skills development, doubles, or triples, we will continue to try to find a way to curl safely and when regulations permit.
This is a pause. It is temporary, and it is necessary for the health of our family, friends and community. But it is not forever. As a curler, I will come back from this pause more appreciative of my sport, the amazing people I've met, and my good fortune in being surrounded by and connected with every member of Delta Thistle Curling Club.
Stay connected, stay positive, and stay healthy. I look forward to curling with you all again soon. 
Brian Cole
DTCC President

Dec 2nd @ 10:04pm 
Good evening Curlers,
In response to the announcement made by Dr. Henry earlier today, Delta Thistle's Safety Committee met at 9:15pm this evening to review the latest Public Health Order. As this newest order has not been made public as of yet, we are making our decisions based on the information provided in the announcement, and the guidance of our provincial governing bodies (Curl BC and ViaSport) as well as the City of Delta.
At this stage, we have not been notified of a requirement to close our facility, and while Curl BC has recommended the status quo until further information can be provided, the Safety Committee has decided to close Delta Thistle Curling Club for all adult programming for Thursday December 3rd. This is to give the Province of BC more time to provide the official Public Health Order, and give our governing bodies the time they need to review the Order and make recommendations based on that information.
Thursday Teen curling will still take place as scheduled.
The Safety Committee will meet again Thursday evening to re-evaluate the situation.
A reminder that social distancing and the proper use of masks remains our best defense and the most effective way to protect our community. We ask that you please continue to respect our on-ice and off-ice protocols at all times within our facility. We recommend reviewing our website www.deltathistle.ca before any draws, as we will be using this as our main method of communication in tandem with email announcements. 
As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. Please know that we are doing our absolute best to make decisions that are right for the health of our members, our community, and our province. We will send another update tomorrow after the Safety Committee has met. We are hopeful we will be able to provide you with more information.
Stay safe and stay healthy.
Brian Cole
DTCC President
Dec 2nd @ 6:19pm 
Hello Delta Thistle Members,
Our safety committee is scheduled to meet this evening.
We are awaiting the updated Health Order/Restrictions or direction from our governing bodies prior to making any changes/decisions.
Here is the most recent update today from Curl BC:
~Patrick Prade
  Club Manager

Nov 16th @ 1:31pm 
Hello Delta Thistle Members,
I wanted to provide an update to the email I sent yesterday notifying you of a confirmed COVID-19 case at our club.
In accordance with our Return To Curl Safety Plan, I contacted the Fraser Health Authority today and spoke with a nurse who was extremely helpful in explaining our responsibilities as a facility, and the Fraser Health Authority's procedures regarding COVID-19 cases:
 - When a positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed, Fraser Health contacts the individual to determine when symptoms first appeared
 - The infectious period is considered 48 hours prior to the appearance of first symptoms
 - Contact tracers from Fraser Health interview the individual to determine potential contacts and the risk of transmission (and contact anyone who may be at risk)
Regarding the specific case at Delta Thistle, the nurse feels our membership is not at risk. This is based on our member not being within our facility within 48 hours of first symptoms. The nurse went on to say that even if this member was in the rink during the infectious period, so long as we all maintained physical distance, and so long as we were all wearing masks, the risk of transmission to other members is near zero.
I was advised that, based on the details of the case at Delta Thistle, the board should not be notifying our membership, and that we will be contacted by Fraser Health if they determine the situation requires their involvement.
We will continue to provide timely updates in order to keep our members informed and safe. My discussion with the Fraser Health nurse emphasized the importance of following all of our safety protocols in all areas of our facility (on the ice, in the lobby, in the lounge), particularly maintaining physical distance and wearing masks. Following these safety protocols and continuing to respect and protect each other in these ways will ensure we can keep curling through this season.
- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President 

Nov 15th @ 8:41pm

Good Evening Curlers,
Delta Thistle Curling Club has been notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in one of our members. The notification came from the individual, and not the Fraser Health Authority or the Provincial Health Authority. To date, we have not been contacted by any health authorities.

The member plays daytimes on Thursdays, and was last at the club on Thursday November 5th. Symptoms showed 3 days after this, and this member has not been in our facility since November 5th.

We are notifying our membership of this in an effort to be completely transparent, open, and supportive, while still respecting our members' privacy.

We want to thank this member for being proactive, notifying our club, and protecting our membership. They are recovering at home and are doing well. We wish them a speedy recovery and look forward to curling with them again when it's safe for everyone!

As a board, we will continue to notify our membership of new information and events as they come up.

Stay safe and healthy curling!

- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President

Nov 15th @ 2:53pm

Good Afternoon,
We wanted to confirm that Delta Thistle Curling Club is open for all regular programs starting today.  While our lounge will remain closed indefinitely, game play resumes on a normal schedule starting tonight.

Our Safety Committee is meeting weekly, and is in constant communication in order to evaluate the ever-changing situation.  The Public Health Office, Fraser Health, and the City of Delta are all aware that we are open, and Dr. Bonnie Henry has confirmed that curling is allowed to continue.  We have updated our Return to Curl Safety Plan to further protect our members and staff in accordance with both required and recommended safety measures, and we are in full compliance with all Health Orders. We will continue to go beyond what is required of us by closing our lounge and continuing to require masks. We are fortunate that in our sport, we can maintain physical distance at all times, and can therefore continue to be a part of the sport and community we love.

We are also keenly aware that our membership has very different tolerances to the risks of engaging in sport. As always, we respect those of you who don’t feel safe in our facility. We ask that you notify your opponent directly if you do not plan to play, and also notify our manager that you do not require the ice.

Most importantly, please pay attention to our COVID-19 Health Declaration that you fill out when you enter the facility.  Please do not curl if you answer yes to any of the questions. On the ice and within the lobby, please ensure that you keep your masks on properly, and maintain your physical distance of 6 feet at all times.

Stay safe and healthy curling! 

- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President  

Previous Update (Nov 10th @ 9:54pm)

Good Evening/Morning Delta Thistle Members,

As of the evening of Nov 9th, the Province of British Columbia has not yet published the official wording of the new provincial health order. As such, ViaSport and Curl BC have not been able to assess the order, and have not provided their guidelines for the current situation.

Several members of the Board listened to Dr. Bonnie Henry's press release this afternoon in which she said explicitly that sports such as curling, where you can maintain physical distancing, can remain open. We have included a recording of Dr. Henry's announcement (click to view).

With the limited information available, the Board of Directors met this evening to decide the next steps for Delta Thistle. Out of a desire to proceed with caution and not rush a decision that deserves thoughtful consideration, we have decided Delta Thistle Curling Club will remain closed for the remainder of this week, to re-open for programs this Saturday November 14th.

There will be no league games, practices, or programming of any kind for this week, November 9th to November 13th (inclusive).

A note to our Daytime Seniors League:
In light of the club closure this week, your daytime league will be extended for a week in December. Tuesday Seniors League will now have your last game on December 15th; Thursday Seniors League will now have your last game on December 17th. This will ensure you play the expected 10 games for the Fall season.

For our Evening Leagues:
As we will resume games starting Sunday November 15th, you will still play the minimum 10 game days for the Fall season.

Programming for Saturday November 14th is scheduled to be our inaugural Intermediate Curling Clinic, which is confirmed and will be taking place for those who registered. 

For this and all of our programs and leagues for the remainder of the season, we will be strictly enforcing our safety protocols in all parts of our curling club, including the lobby, the ice, and the lounge.

For the duration of the new provincial health order, we will be keeping our lounge closed. This includes the week of November 15th to November 23rd. At the end of the provincial health order, we will reassess the situation and determine if it is safe and within provincial guidelines to re-open the lounge.

I want to thank you all for your patience as we work through the information we have. We strive to make our decisions based on fact, reason, and compassion, and always in the best interest of our members and our club. We will continue to send you all necessary updates as we gain a better understanding of the situation. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

To all the members of every league, practice, program and clinic that takes place within the walls of Delta Thistle, everyone on the Board wishes you and your family safety and health. We are a community first, and we will curl together again. For now, we need to support each other and take care of each other by following the procedures as outlined by the Provincial Health Authority and our safety guidelines. 

- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President

Previous Update (Nov 8th @ 2:21pm)

Hello again Delta Thistle Members,

We've received more information and feedback from the curling community, in particular the detail in the Provincial Health Order that outlines there is to be no social interaction between members of different households, and how this would apply to our lounge. In light of this, Delta Thistle Curling Club will be closed for Sunday November 8th or Monday November 9th. As of right now, our tentative plan is to be open on Tuesday November 10th, but more updates will be coming as the situation develops.

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the conversation. This is a community decision and we are listening to your concerns and feedback.

The Board has called an emergency meeting to be held tomorrow evening to discuss our next steps.

- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President

Previous Update (Nov 8th @ 1:24pm)

Dear Delta Thistle Members,

The Province of British Columbia has issued new Provincial Health Orders to try to curb the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Since the announcement yesterday, we have been communicating with Curl BC to determine our next steps as a club.

I want to emphasize that our first priority is the safety of our members and staff, and we will be following all guidelines as set by our provincial governing bodies (ViaSport and Curl BC).

At this point, we have determined that Delta Thistle Curling Club can remain open and all programs will continue. This is based on the wording and current interpretation of the health orders, in that curling is a sport where we can maintain physical distance. Please note that this decision is not set in stone. We will adjust as we learn more and as the situation develops.

We are waiting for the official Provincial Health Order to be made public so our provincial governing bodies can review and assess. We will update our members once we have more information.

I want to take this opportunity to remind all of our members of our safety protocols, and how important it is that we all follow them.

  • Stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Masks are to be worn correctly at all times (except when seated in the lounge) 
  • Maintain 6' (the length of a broom) physical distance at all times
  • Regularly wash/sanitize your hands; avoid touching your face
  • In the lounge, you must sit with your team only, to a maximum of 4 people per table; do not move chairs/tables
  • No table-hopping/mingling with anyone outside of your team
  • A more detailed explanation of our safety protocols can be found here [link]

Thank you to everyone who has been following these guidelines.They are in place to keep us safe and to keep our club open. And thank you to everyone for your patience while we navigate these new health orders and how to proceed. We will send out another update once we get more information from Curl BC.

- Brian Cole
      DTCC Club President

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