Q. Where do I go to register?

A. For Juniors & Evening Leagues click this [LINK] to view Delta Thistles Curling Products on CurlingI/O.
A how to video can be viewed on YouTube [HERE].
For Seniors, please see this post [HERE].


Q. A family member and I share one email address, how do we both register?

A. It is possible to have 2 curlers within one email/social media account. You'll each need to create a curler and register for your leagues.
One person CAN NOT purchase both curlers leagues, because the Club Membership, Curl BC and Curling Canada fee's will be missed got the second curler.
Please see the tutorial video [HERE].


Q. Do I have to register and pay online?

A. Yes. We require online registration to track Curl BC and Curling Canada annual membership fees.
No you're not required to pay through the online system, there is a option to come pay via cash, cheque, credit card in person, but you do still have to regiester online!

All curlers must register and pay for thier league prior to playing in a league game.


Q. How do I request or renew a locker rental?

A. How you go about securing a locker depends if it's a renewal or a new locker reuqest.
For a Renewal, you must renew and pay prior to Septmber21st, 2017. You can renew your locked by purchasing "[Locker RENEWAL]" online through Curling I/O [LINK].
For a new locker request, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on the waitinglist for when a locker becomes available.


Q. I'm on two teams with a different number of players each night, what do I do?

A. You will need to make two "Purchases".
First choose the "Evening League Registration" with the appropreate number of players, such as "[4Player/team]", select only the league of your 4 player team and complete the transaction.
Second choose the "Evening League Registration" with the appropreate number of players for your second team, such as "[6Player/team]", select only the league of your 6 player team and complete the transaction.


Q. Why do I have to enter my address again when paying online?

A. When you're creating your profile (or a family members). You are entering a home address. For security and because you may have a different billing address for your credit card than your home address. You'll need to enter your billing address each time when making a purchase.
A feature for saved billing addresses, or auto complete to use the home mailing address will be added in the future.


Q. Why am I seeing a $1 charge from "Stripe Payment Canada LT"?

A. Stripe sends a request to the issuing bank for either a $0 or a $1 authorization to verify that the card is issued and the bank will allow it to be authorized. The important thing to remember is that this is not a charge, and it will disappear from their statement; depending on the bank, it will be removed from their statement in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.


Q. Can I be spare and a member of Delta Thistle without joining a league?

A. Yes to become a member please purchase our "Delta Thistle Membership ($50)". This will allow for access to practice, unlimited spare in league play and access to any member only benefits. [LINK] to purchase screen.
Note - Anyone sparing 3 times or more in a season at Delta Thistle, must be a member. As required by Curl BC.


Q. When is my first league game?

A. Please see the club calendar to see what day/times each league plays. [LINK]

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